Building Classic Style New Homes in Barwon Heads

Back in 2004, I bought a block of vacant land in one of the most popular beachside towns in the state. That is Barwon Heads.

Barwon Heads Grows in Popularity

barwon heads riverFor those who don’t know, Barwon Heads is a seaside village 90 minutes from Melbourne. Barwon Heads exploded with interest after the Sea Change television series moved into town making it a very popular seaside destination.

Invariably, with an influx of tourists… and people willing to move from Melbourne, real estate property developers come along with new ideas on architecture and dictate new trends.

It was not until 2004 when I decided that it was time to build in Barwon Heads.

Getting Started

Many people were advising on the latest, modern, new age building designs that will sell.

For me, my instinct was telling me… backed by a lot of building experience in the Geelong suburbs of Newtown and West Geelong, that there was still demand for the more traditional, timeless, period style home.

Home Design Trends

For a period of time leading up to building, the was a trend for rooflines to be curved. Something that I didn’t like, nor did it last.

The current trend is for a more ‘box like’ structure which is considered more contemporary. Like all trends they come and go.

Trends Come and Go

That is why I love building timeless, classic, period style homes.

It was with this believe and knowledge that we commenced building in Barwon Heads.

At the time, there was plenty of advise from ‘helpers’ that said I was mad to build a traditional style house.

Well, we ploughed on regardless.

Not without concern, some trepidation or even just plain nervousness at times. But my core believe remained that there was a market for this style of home in Barwon Heads.

This is what we built

The process of building was relatively easy and stress free.

Selling a Classic Style Home in Barwon Heads

When it was time to put the house on the market, our initial gut feelings were proven correct. Interest from families in Geelong, as well as other regions, looking for a move to the seaside.

After numerous inspections due to the popularity of the listing, we sold the house.

What I love about the traditional style homes, we provide our clients with the best of both worlds. All the modern technological conveniences are incorporated into our designs.

From an investment point of view, a timeless home with modern technology is a sound investment.

If you would like to speak to me about building a timeless, classic, traditional home, feel free to call me on 0419 546 986

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