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Chris Cowley Builders pride themselves on delivering amazing outcomes for your home and making the whole experience as easy as possible and actually enjoyable as it should be!

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I set out on my building journey knowing I wanted to create a healthy home that I would love while I raised my family there and the eventual resale value would make it all worthwhile. 


I knew I needed someone I could trust; this would be my biggest investment and I had to put my faith in someone completely.  I knew I needed to work with someone with absolute integrity; a value I hold close, and thankfully I found that Chris is a man of his word.  I needed someone who cares enough about their work that they could share their knowledge and expertise for the common good of client and builder.  I needed someone with an eye for detail, someone who aims for the best quality possible. What I didn’t know I needed was the human quality of empathy as ‘life happens’ when we don’t expect it and the human aspect of the Chris Cowley team has been exceptional. 


In choosing to build with Chris Cowley, I got all I needed in the complete process and the final product talks for itself.  I am deeply grateful for my outstandingly beautiful Chris Cowley built home.  I am so grateful for the entire process: the updates, the information, for being a part of the entire building project, for meeting and getting to know each of the trades – all of whom I found respectful and with positive attitudes.


Would I build again with Chris Cowley Builders?  In a heartbeat!  Chris and his team lived up to all my building needs and more.  Their eye for detail, their passion for precision and their kind and respectful manner – quality build, quality workers, quality guys. 


It has been terrific working with you and I hope your ears are burning from me singing your praises! And also of your team…….What a terrific bunch of young men!!!!😊😊😊 They have been a delight to deal with and I miss them!!!

Will be in touch re the next project……. sorry about that…… and don’t even think about leaving town, I will find you !!!🤣😂🤣😂
With much gratitude for my beautiful new home.

Early in 2016 we sent emails to builders for initial discussions to build 2 units on our block in Ocean Grove. Chris Cowley responded. He guided us through every step of the pre-build and build. He attended meetings with us and translated the mumbo-jumbo that surveyors/planners/architects often speak. On another occasion we even drove around the local area and looked at houses, styles, windows, exposed beams etc etc.  Whilst Chris was getting to know us and our style, we were learning “our style” too.


In November 2016, the old cottage was demolished and the building of two units began. Chris knew our style, he also knew our budget.   Chris and his team made it easy and seamless. Hard to believe, but true. Then, 12 months later, two units are ready to move in to. On time, and on budget, built in our style, to perfection.


It’s now 2019, the garden is developed, the units have nestled and we couldn’t be happier. All credit goes to our builder and his team.




Frances Benson

“Thanks for building us an awesome house!  We are very happy with it.  The process was loads of fun and educational too. Your team was fantastic.  We were treated like royalty, nothing was too hard.  I don’t think I heard a “can’t do” the whole time!  Everything was done to get us what we wanted and great design ideas were suggested along the way. The house ended up so much better than we had imagined because of this.

You should be proud of what you have achieved here because it is very special.”


Philip & Heidi

New Homes

Traditional style homes are a speciality of ours.  We’re not limited in ability or scope to build your dream home.  We have vast experience in modern, architecturally designed homes incorporating passive solar design, sustainability and ever changing technologies. Really, we just love taking on a challenge, or simply building what YOU want!

Ocean Grove Building Renovation

Renovations & Extensions

Extensions and renovations form a large part of our operation.  We receive enormous satisfaction from clients when we transform their home spaces into their dream environment.

Timber Decks, Pergolas and more!

At Chris Cowley Builders, we don’t stop short of the smaller jobs such as timber decks, pergolas, retaining walls to name a few.  We pride ourselves on making these jobs as equally satisfying to you as the large scale projects that we complete.

Home Building & Renovation Expert

Chris Cowley Builders specialize in period homes, restorations and renovations in Ocean Grove and Geelong

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